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Nothing Personal with David Samson is a daily sports podcast hosted by David Samson. No guests. No callers. No BS. 45 minutes per day, Monday-Friday. David is dedicated to decoding the endless musings of players, owners and others in a concise, articulate and entertaining manner. Samson was in charge of a Major League Baseball team for 18 years, with winning a World Series ring, building a new ballpark, hosting an All-Star game, and buying and selling a franchise, among his many experiences and accomplishments. His breadth of knowledge covers all aspects of sport. This podcast will be the destination for fans of sports and entertainment who want to hear the truth about real situations as they occur each day. Every segment will give his audience a unique perspective, not found anywhere else. His voice is strong and unwavering, his brand is honesty and his reach is extraordinary. And remember, it's just business...It's nothing personal!

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Nothing Personal with David Samson

Nothing Personal with David Samson is a daily sports podcast hosted by David Samson. No guests. No callers. No BS. 45 minutes per day, Monday-Friday. David is dedicated to decoding the endless musings of players, owners and others in a concise, articulate and entertaining manner. Samson was in charge of a Major League Baseball team for 18 years, with winning a World Series ring, building a new ballpark, hosting an All-Star game, and buying and selling a franchise, among his many experiences and accomplishments. His breadth of knowledge covers all aspects of sport. This podcast will be the destination for fans of sports and entertainment who want to hear the truth about real situations as they occur each day. Every segment will give his audience a unique perspective, not found anywhere else. His voice is strong and unwavering, his brand is honesty and his reach is extraordinary. And remember, it's just business...It's nothing personal!

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  • MAILBAG: Taking time off; Top 5 Worst Trades; Steve Bartman Game

    It’s the final mailbag! It’s here! Thank you for listening! Someone asked me about taking time off. Interesting. They wanted to know if I’m afraid that I’ll lose listeners, or I want to work more, or I don’t know how to relax. Let’s discuss. (13:20) Someone wanted to know what the Top 5 worst trades I’ve ever made are. You all LOVE doing this! Fine. Here we go. (32:35) Someone asked me about the Steve Bartman incident. They had said they have always hear the Cubs side of things, now they want the Marlins side.

Episodes of This Show

  • MAILBAG: You’re fired! Stealing team gear; That Michelle Tafoya interview

    It’s another mailbag. We are sorry! But CONTENT CONTEN CONTENT! Someone asked me about the story of me firing an employee for wearing a Red Sox shirt to a Marlins game. They want me to explain exactly why this happened. (10:45) Someone asked me about the Yankees cutting a third-round pick for taking team gear and selling it. The reports were he scammed some of those fans looking for memorabilia. (24:15) FINA is swimming’s world governing body. They have voted to restrict the participation of transgender athletes in women’s competitions. Someone asked me my thoughts on this… (35:45) Someone asked me to comment on the Michelle Tafoya interview she had with the Le Batard Show. Yes, I will. 

  • MAILBAG: Marathon Poops, Top 5 Vacations, Top 5 movies I’ve seen in 2022

    It’s a mailbag! Welcome back! Well, not to me just yet. Someone asked me about marathon running and the most traumatic thing I’ve seen or done while in a marathon. (16:35) Someone asked me about my Top 5 vacations. And as you’ll see… some of them are just not vacations. (32:50) Someone asked me about the Top 5 movies I’ve seen in 2022. Not the best movies of 2022. (35:35) Someone asked me about finding the right therapist. This is an uncomfortable topic. But I hope it helps at least one person. 


  • MAILBAG: Juicing balls for Judge; LIV Golf; Hosting World Cup

    It’s a mailbag! Yahoo! Still firing them off as we’re gone. Someone asked me about Aaron Judge, MLB, and the juiced baseball chase for the HR record. What!? Let’s discuss. (9:50) Someone asked me about the four big sports and revenue. Tickets. TV. Finances. (27:00 ) Someone asked me with LIV Golf and the parallels between it and when MLB players defected to the Mexican League. They also wanted to know about the future of LIV Golf. (33:55) Someone asked me what the procedure is to submit your stadium to host an event like the World Cup. 

  • MAILBAG: Pitchers target practice; Who decides the HBP; Baseball Strategies

    It’s a mailbag! Yes… still away! Someone asked me about pitching control. They wanted to know how accurate a pitcher could be if it’s target practice. On the flip side, they asked if batters have any control on where they hit a ball. (11:20) Someone asked me about hit by pitches. We’ve spoken about players getting hit and who decides what happens. (When it’s on purpose, of course.) Let me explain again how and why this happens. (17:00) Someone asked me about the Minnesota Twins approach of taking the first pitch. They also wanted to know how the Front Office deals with a manager who is agains the suggest approach. (29:45) Someone asked me about throws to first base from the third baseman. They wanted to know why the 3B throws the ball into the dirt: can they not reach the first baseman? Is it strategy? Why does it happen?

  • MLB All Star Break: NL first half! MVP; Cy Young, Biggest Storylines; A Random Pete Rose Story

    It’s the halfway point of the MLB season! National League storylines coming right up! The New York Mets are the talk of the town. What they’ve been able to do without Scherzer and degrom has been amazing. (2:25) Do you all remember the lockout? The one where some media members (cough cough) made every fan lose their mind. Remember when we here at NPDS told you not to be worried. Yea. That happened. (8:10) The Washington Nationals are bad. Very bad. The team is for sale. What will happen with Juan Soto? Will he stay or will he go? (10:20) Losing 100 games stinks. It does. But let’s focus on some of the bigger stories! (16:20) Joe Girardi was fired and the Phillies win. It happened. We knew it would. Didn’t think the Phillies would go a run like they did but here they are. (23:50) What’s happening out west? The Dodgers trying to hold of the Padres. Will Tatis Jr come back? Will he be healthy? Can they catch the Dodgers? (25:35) What are my updated NL postseason predictions? I’m about to go on a detour so bad that you’re going to end up in a different country with me. (37:55) It’s NL award time! 

  • MLB All Star Break: AL first half! MVP; Cy Young, Biggest Storylines

    It’s the halfway point of the MLB season! Let’s get things started today focusing on the American League. What are the biggest surprises so far? (15:55) What are the biggest disappointments? (25:30) What are the top storylines to look for following the All Star Break? (30:30) Who should win AL MVP and Cy Young? (33:00) Who is making the postseason from the AL? Look at the AL East. (34:35) So what else is going on in MLB? Let’s talk about some general topics that have taken place so far. 

  • MAILBAG: Constitution, NRA, Youth Sports Extremism

    It’s a mailbag! Yes, still in Africa! Someone asked me about me defining myself as a constitutionalist. They wanted to know what this meant and how this came to be. (18:00) Someone asked me why I don’t call out the people who fund the NRA. They wanted to know if I was scared that some would be listeners of the show and I didn’t want to lose them. (28:40) It’s time we talk about youth sports. Things have gotten completely out of hand. Someone asked me about treatment of umpires by parents. From arguments and battery and arrests and shootings. What are we doing?

  • MAILBAG: Calling up a top MLB prospect; Likability; Farm Systems

    It’s a mailbag! Yes, still in Africa! Someone asked me how teams deal with calling up a top prospect to the big leagues. When do you call the prospect up? Was is the manipulation? What’s the demotion like? Let’s get into it all. (21:40) Someone asked me about likability. They wanted to know how important this is in sports and business. Is this a major factor? (34:55) Someone asked when building a farm system what do teams need other than scouting and development. Let’s break this down. 

  • MAILBAG: What I miss about running a team; Dismantling WS winning teams

    It’s mailbag! I’m in Africa for the month so this is what you get! Someone asked me what 2 to 3 examples I can give about what I miss running a team and 2 to 3 examples that I do not miss! Well, of course! (24:50) Someone asked me why a team would dismantle a team after winning the World Series. Very funny! (37:40) Someone asked me how owners work to figure out if they’re going to be a spending team or not. 

  • Dysfunctional Browns trade dysfunctional Baker Mayfield to dysfunctional Panthers; Steinbrenner talks Yankees; Shohei Ohtani's greatness (Episode 630)

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    Here’s the last “live” show until August! See ya then!

    Today’s word of the day is ‘unique’ as in peculiar as in interesting as in strange as in different as in GM Andrew Berry thanked Baker Mayfield for his unique time with the Cleveland Browns. Mayfield was traded to the Carolina Panthers for a 5th round pick in 2024. Why would the Browns do this? What is happening in Carolina that they would do this? Matt Rhule and David Tepper love trading for washed up 2018 QBs. (14:45) Hal Steinbrenner spoke to the media yesterday. He talked about the Yankees and how special of a season this is. He would not get into the details about Aaron Judge’s contract. Let’s talk about some of these comments. (24:00) Top 5 Africa Movies. (30:30) So You Wanna Talk to Samson!? Someone asked me about the Dallas Cowboys new partnership with Black Rifle Coffee. It came out the day after a shooting that killed 7 and injured over 20 on July 4. Woof. (38:00) NPPOD. Shohei Ohtani is incredible. There has been no one like him and there will be no one ever like him again. (43:20) We need to talk about this situation in Detroit. Eduardo Rodriguez has now been put on reserved list because of a divorce he’s currently going through. He has not spoken to the Tigers in a while. He was given a huge free agency contract in the offseason. 

  • MLB added new All Star Game clause for legends; Are the Trailblazers and Seahawks for sale? Not for sale? Maybe for sale? (Episode 629)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘clause’ as in Santa Clause as in contract clause as in special clause as in the All Star Game Clause as in huh? Word came out yesterday that part of the new MLB CBA the Commissioner can now use a special clause to add “Legends of the Game” to the All Star rosters. What?! Albert Pujols batting .189 this year? You’re in! Miguel Cabrera? Of Course. Where does it end? Yadier Molina? Zack Greinke? (17:35) The Oakland Athletics announced that on July 4 a few fans that stuck around for the firework show were hit by bullet fragments from shots fired outside the stadium. What? Yes, it happened. (28:45) Review: Undergrads. (33:00) What is going to happen to the Portland Trailblazers and the Seattle Seahawks? Are they for sale? Are they not for sale? Will they ever be for sale? (42:40) NPPOD. (44:55) Wait to see: Brings us back to yesterday where I forgot to give the Zion Williamson one! (45:55) The New York Knicks are supposed to get fined for tampering in the signing of Jalen Brunson. What!? Tampering! In sports! Never! 

  • Another day, another mass shooting: on Highland Park; Jacob deGrom and Chris Sale updates; Zion Williamson's crazy new deal (episode 628)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘highland park’ as in the town in Illinois that was had to go through another nightmare. A shooter climbed onto the roof of a downtown building and murdered people during a parade. 6 dead. 20+ injured. Here we go again. Moments of silence. Thoughts and prayers. That’s all we get after each shooting. In Philadelphia two police officers were shot and a stampede broke out. In Orlando there was a stampede after false reports of an active shooter. (16:45) Jacob deGrom made his first rehab start for the Mets in Class A. Max Scherzer looks to be back tonight. What are these rehab starts like? How close is deGrom? (26:20) Review: This Is Us. (33:55) Chris Sale might be back. Maybe. He’s making rehab starts. He’s pitched in only 34 games since signing a huge contract with the Red Sox in 2019. (41:30) NPPOD. (41:45) Zion Williamson got his longterm deal with the Pelicans. A huge deal that can be worth $231M if he wins MVP or DPOY or makes All-NBA. Zion has played 85 games out of a possible 232 games in his career. What?

  • The NBA is out of control! Kevin Durant trade request from Nets proves it! USC, UCLA, and Big Ten laughing at NCAA; Freddie Freeman update (Episode 627)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘duranted’ as in Kevin Durant as in the Brooklyn Nets have imploded as in Kyrie Irving as in Ben Simmons as in James Harden as in Joe Tsai as in Sean Marks. What in the world happened here? This team was supposed to change the NBA… and it did, but not in a good way. Where did it all go wrong for Brooklyn? Front office? Players? Who? (21:10) The Big Ten has reshaped the college sports world in a way the SEC did. USC and UCLA are leaving the Pac-12. Why would they do this? What happens next? (34:00) Review: The Bear. (39:35) NPPOD. (42:20) We have an update on Freddie Freeman. His agent Casey Close has released ANOTHER statement. And this time he did not hold back. 

  • Freddie Freeman Drama: NO CHANCE agent withheld offer from Braves; Rays owner sued by limited partners; MLB Anti-trust exemption and minor league future (Episode 626)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘disclosure’ as in hidden as in Freddie Freeman as in a report came out last night that Freddie Freeman’s agent Casey Close had withheld the Atlanta Braves last offer to Freeman. Just insanity. There is no way this happened. There is no way Alex Anthopolous wouldn’t reach out to Freeman. There is no way any of the Braves wouldn’t have reached out to Freeman. So what is going on here? (16:15) So You Wanna Talk To Samson!? Someone asked me about the Tampa Bay Rays owner being sued again by his limited partners. You wanted to know if Stu Sternberg would be forced to sell. Hmmmmm. (32:35) Review: Leave No Trace. (37:35) NPPOD. (38:35) James Harden opted out of his $47M option. Why did he do this? The Sixers are going to pay him more money. Very simple. (42:20) What is the MLB Anti-Trust Exemption? What makes it so important?

  • Knicks can never do anything right; Russell Westbrook payday; Baker Mayfield hurt feelings; Athletics relocation coming? (Episode 625)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘futility’ as in so many franchises in professional sports as in the New York Knicks. Why do we always have to talk about the poor decisions they make? Well, they’re one of the most expensive franchise in the world and they are perennial losers. What did they do now? They want to spend $110M on Jalen Brunson! The Leon Rose Special. (10:50) Russell Westbrook is back with the Lakers. He’s opted in at $47M. Can the Lakers win with him? Why does the NBA give deals this large? Do they ever work? (17:55) Baker Mayfield is mad at the Cleveland Browns. He doesn’t want to be a Brown. He’s owed $18M this year. He and the Browns don’t see eye to eye after the Deshaun Watson deal was made. (23:55) Review: Halftime. (30:10) We have an update on the Angels-Mariners brawl. Archie Bradley fractured his arm jumping over the dugout fence. Are you kidding me? (35:30) NPPOD. (39:50) So You Wanna Talk To Samson!? Someone asked me about the report that the Oakland Athletics won’t have to pay a relocation fee if they choose to me. Let me explain this. 

  • Roe v. Wade Overturned; Angels-Mariners Brawl: Who is to blame? Kyrie Irving returns to the Nets... of course! (Episode 624)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘overturned’ as in the decision is changed as in Roe v. Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court last Friday. Let me just share my thoughts on this. Please stay with me. (11:10) The Angels and Mariners had a massive brawl over the weekend. Punches thrown. Chokeholds done. Batters hit. 47 games worth of suspensions were given out. Whoa. (24:55) Review: Uncharted. (28:45) Kyrie Irving has opted in to his last year with the Brooklyn Nets. $36.5M. There were rumors everywhere that he would be leaving. He wanted to go to the Lakers. He wanted to go to somewhere. Nope. Staying with Brooklyn. (35:45) NPPOD - Yankees and Astros split a4-game series. Aaron Judge and the Yankees settled before their arbitration hearing. Why did they settle? (43:40) Wait to see updates!

  • NBA Draft ruined by spoiled picks and the New York Knicks! Yankees-Astros beef still going; What you need to know about Aaron Judge hearing (Episode 623)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘spoiled’ as in ruined as in excitement is over as in the NBA Draft took place last night and it was over before it began. Woj bombs left and right and the market kept swinging. Jabari Smith will be the first pick he tweets! And the market jumps. Then 5 minutes before the draft he changes his mind! The books swing again! What? What about during the draft? Woj spoils the picks live on TV! On the channel the draft was on! (9:55) Yes we are going to cover it. Yesterday the Supreme Court released an opinion and struck down a New York gun control law. Let me explain. (20:55) Review: Some Kind of Heaven. (26:35) The Yankees and Astros are playing in the Bronx. Jose Altuve was hit with the 2nd pitch of the game. The beef is still alive. What about Aaron Judge? It’s time for his arbitration hearing. Let me explain what is happening here. (34:25) NPPOD. (34:50) Commanders talk. (38:35) Tyreek Hill said he received death threats because he said Tua was more accurate than Mahomes. Let’s talk about this type of keyboard courage. 

  • Does the NFL finally have enough to remove Dan Snyder from Washington? MLB it's time... Robot umps! Robot umps! Robot umps! (Episode 622)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘subpoena’ as in you have to do something as in Daniel Snyder did not show up to testify to the House Oversight Committee as in the Committee finally said you’re coming here Danny Boy. They would have preferred he just had shown up without this, but he was on a boat in France instead. SO what did we learn? Roger Goodell spoke. Ron Rivera released a statement. Washington Commanders released a statement. What will come of this? (29:50) Review: Dinner in America. (32:55) So You Wanna Talk to Samson!? Someone asked me about the ejection of the Blue Jays hitting coach before the game started. (39:10) NPPOD. (42:10) The Chicago Cubs stink. They have shed payroll. They let Baez, Rizzo, and Bryant go. Now GM Jed Hoyer speaks. 

  • Will latest allegations be enough to sink Daniel Snyder's battleship? Deshaun Watson settles; PGA's plan for LIV Golf may not be enough (Episode 621)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘battle ship’ as in the game as in B4 as in C4 as in D4 as in E4 as in you sunk my battle ship! Why is that the word of the day? Daniel Snyder is back in the news again. Of course he is. Not only is he skipping out on the House Oversight Committee for France, but a new report is out about his $1.9M settlement with a woman he allegedly sexually assaulted. How does he still own this team? (15:20) Deshaun Watson has decided to settle with 20 of his 24 accusers. He said it would never happen and here we are. What will the NFL do? How long will the suspension be? (28:55) Review: Good Luck to You, Leo Grande. (36:20) NPPOD. (39:45) PGA is trying everything they can to fight back against LIV. Brooks Koepka announced he was joining LIV and that set things off. PGA now created a new 8 tournament schedule with $20M purses for the top 50 players. Interesting. 

  • It's the summer solstice! The Yankees are REALLY good right now, will they make a move? Brooks Koepka to LIV Golf: is it time PGA takes it serious? (Episode 620)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘summer solstice’ as in the longest day of the year as in it’s lighter outside for a little bit longer as in everyday from here on out gets a little darker. Let’s talk about today. New beginnings and whatnot. (16:20) Let’s talk about the Yankees. This team is too good right now. Pitching is lights out. The bats are firing. 50 wins already. Biggest division lead in baseball. What’s the mentality right now? (21:00) What about the Cleveland Guardians? 6 games over .500 and 1 game back in the division. Do they go make trades now? Do they just keep going with what they have? How do you decide? (27:20) Review: Father of the Bride. (33:10) LIV Golf is making its move. We have another golfer defecting. Brooks Koepka is headed to LIV. Let’s talk abut the hypocrisy of it all. PGA Tour’s has sponsors that deal with the Saudis. USMNT scheduled a game against Japan a day after they outlawed same-sex marriage. NBA has dealings in China and UAE. Where is the consistency? (40:45) NPPOD. (43:45) Brittney Griner is still in jail in Russia. This has been going on for months. The saga continues as another problem occurred with her trying to reach her wife via the US Embassy

  • Message to the Knicks: Please do NOT sign Kyrie! Angels dilemma: slick balls and a Shohei Ohtani deal (Episode 619)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘epiphany’ as in I had one as in I spent the weekend in Austin and something hit me. But before that! What’s the deal with airlines right now? Flights canceled. Flights delayed. Staffing issues. What is happening? Back to the show… I am not 25 anymore. I think a tore a hammy waterskiing thinking I was still young. (8:10) What is happening with Kyrie Irving? Will he be a Net? Will he be Laker? Will he be Knick!?! This cannot be. (16:20) Anthony Rendon is out for the year. Anthony Rendon has a MASSIVE contract and hasn’t played a full season for the Angels yet. It’s an absolute disaster for the Angels. Now what do they do with Ohtani? Will Trout ever see the playoffs again? (19:55) Another Angels problems… the baseballs. Pitcher Michael Lorenzen went off because of how slick the baseballs are. There’s a problem with the balls at all times. Today’s theme is: what is happening? (29:40) Review: Everything, Everywhere, All At Once. (33:55) So You Wanna Talk To Samson!? Someone asked me about Kenny Atkinson accepting an offer to be the next coach of the Charlotte Hornets and then turning down the job. What? Yes. It happened. He won the title with the Warriors and then told Jordan he was out. (40:45) NPPOD. (43:30) We have an MLB owner’s meetings update. Teams are not happy with the Oakland Athletics. Is anyone happy with them right now?

  • Golden State Warriors win NBA title: Is Steph Curry Top 5 ever!? MLB Owner's meetings and Rob Manfred had A LOT to say (Episode 618)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘champions’ as in NBA champions as in 4x champions as in Steph Curry as in Klay Thompson as in Draymond Green as in Steve Kerr. Let’s talk about the legacy of these guys. Let’s talk about Steph Curry and his legacy. Let’s talk about Jayson Tatum and the Boston Celtics turnover machine. (12:50) It’s officially baseball season! Rob Manfred held his owner’s meetings and some very important news came out. The biggest points of focus: pitch clock; automatic strike zone; digital streaming rights; Oakland & Tampa. (27:35) Review: Road Runner - A Film About Anthony Bourdain. (33:45) David Blitzer is now a limited partner of the Cleveland Guardians. David Blitzer has a chance to become a majority owner of the Cleveland Guardians. Let’s discuss. (43:00) NPPOD. 

  • WWE Vince McMahon and the dirty NDA business; Aaron Judge bet on himself and some team will pay BIG - Will it be the Yanekes? (Episode 617)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘NDA’ as in non-disclosure as in shhhh as in it never happened as in Vince McMahon is in the news after it was reported he paid a woman $3M he had an affair with to be quiet. Let’s talk about the use of these NDAs. Deshaun Watson was recently disclosed as being a user of this and we see the trouble he’s found himself in. Jerry Jones was in the news for the use of this. It’s everywhere. (17:15) Dan Snyder won’t be testifying. Roger Goodell will be testifying. The House Oversight Committee wanted them both there. Snyder was a lock to not show up. Goodell is interesting. (23:50) Review: Swap Me, Baby. (30:20) Aaron Judge is off to the best start of his career. He has bet on himself and he’s delivering. He turned down the Yankees long term offer before the season started. Now what? (39:30) NPPOD. (44:00) So You Wanna Talk To Samson!? Someone asked me if I ever had a player ask about promotional nights before signing. Huh? Let’s talk Liam Hendriks. 

  • LIV Golf takes over US Open week! Deshaun Watson meets the media; MLB updates: Eduardo Rodriguez, Walker Buehler, Tatis Jr, and Strasburg! (Episode 616)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘Open’ as in open for business as in the US Open is here as in LIV vs PGA as in Phil Mickelson vs Rory McIlroy. There’s so much drama in golf right now. Players vs players. Media vs players. Sportswashing is the buzz word being used. LIV Golf is what it is. The PGA Tour has always been what it is. Different rules, same reason: money. (15:10) Dehsaun Watson met the media. He said he wasn’t sure if it was 66 women or fewer, but he can’t talk about it. The NFL has no idea how to handle this now. 26 civil suits. Possibly 27 suits. It’s all been bad news. (25:55) Review: Flag Day. (28:55) Walker Buehler is hurt. That’s not good. The Los Angeles Dodgers could be in trouble here. No Buelher. No Bauer. The San Diego Padres are on their heels. The San Francisco Giants are on their heels. Fernando Tatis is still hurt, but the Padres keep winning. (34:35) So You Wanna Talk To Samson!? Someone asked me how I would handle the Eduardo Rodriguez situation with the Twins. Rodriguez was given a 5 year, $77M deal this past offseason. He pitched a few games, but now he’s out with personal issues. (41:40) What about Stephen Strasburg? He signed a 7-year, $245M deal in 2019 and has pitched only 31.1 innings since then. Woof. (43:50) NPPOD.

  • What is a Bear Market and how concerned should you be? Cryptocurrency crashing and why this is a MAJOR problem for sports (Episode 615)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘bear’ as in polar bear as in grizzly bear as in teddy bear as in a bear market. Let me explain exactly what’s going on with the stock market right now. How concerned should you be? Are you worried? Should you invest now? Sell now? What about sports? Let’s say a team paid $10M for in arena sponsorships and then the team cannot pay. Well, it’s happening all across sports right now. (14:50) Now let’s talk about cryptocurrency. That market has almost crashed. Prices have been falling and falling and falling. Crypto dot com has invested almost $1B into sports deals and now its laying off staff. (25:15) Now we move to affordable housing. The Oakland Athletics are looking for a new stadium deal and affordable housing has become the main area of interest. (33:00) Review: Coldplay - A Head Full of Dreams. (36:00) NPPOD - The Warriors won despite Steph Curry not hitting a three for the first time in his playoff career! (40:10) Josh Donaldson lost his appeal for his remark made to Tim Anderson. What goes into the appeal process? (42:40) What is going on with the White Sox? Is it time for Tony La Russa to go? (44:38) MLB is starting to fine teams for bench clearing brawls, even if it happens in the minor leagues. 

  • Succession: The Family Battle for the Orioles and Chargers - Nobody wins when the family feuds; Update on Jack Del Rio and the Commandskins (Episode 614)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘succession’ as not in the TV show as in the real life family fight for a major asset as in the Baltimore Orioles as in the Los Angeles Chargers as in drama. The Angelos family owns the Baltimore Orioles. John Angelos is the control person. Louis Angelos is the brother suing John AND his mother. Let me explain. (19:25) What about with the Los Angeles Chargers? The Spanos family is now fighting for the team. Dean Spanos is now being sued by his sister Dea Spanos. Wonderful. (29:35) Review: Fire Island. (34:40) Jack Del Rio was fined $100K by Ron Rivera and the team. This was after Ron Rivera said he wasn’t going to talk about it. This was after Del Rio doubled and tripled down and then was forced to apologize. Of course. (42:00) NPPOD - Lightning make the Cup. Warriors vs Celtics pivotal Game 5! (44:00) Tony La Russa chants have started. White Sox are done. They want a change. The White Sox are the most disappointing team in baseball. Will it happen?

  • How close was Tom Brady to being a Dolphin? Tony La Russa is right and we're wrong! PGA Tour bark is worse than its bite against LIV Golf (Episode 613)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘613’ as in my favorite number as in number of career victories Red Holtzman had as head coach of the Knicks as in the number of rules/commandments in Judaism. Just stay with me here. (5:00) Tom Brady is not going to tell you the truth. He loves to fool people. It’s what he does. He was asked about the reports about him being a QB/Owner for the Miami Dolphins and it wasn’t truthful. He chose his words very carefully, but he did not fool us. (15:35) Tony La Russa made a decision in yesterday’s White Sox loss that blew a lot of people’s minds. Let’s discuss what this was and why La Russa is so stuck in his ways. (25:40) The PGA has suspended every golfer who is playing in LIV Golf. Let’s discuss about the letter that Jay Monahan sent. It’s a fascinating time in golf. Did Monahan’s letter stick the landing? No. (36:25) Review: The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent. (38:55) NPPOD. (40:40) Lebron James wants to own an NBA team. He wants the Las Vegas team. He’s an investor in Fenway Sports Group. Liverpool. Boston Red Sox. Will they get the NBA team for him? Will LeBron be an owner, part owner, say he’s an owner?

  • Will there ever be a good news day for the Washington Commanders?; Gymnasts are suing the FBI: here's why it matters (Episode 612)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘copy/paste’ as in no edits as in no fixes as in PR has sent a message and you just send it out to the masses as in Jack Del Rio the DC for the Commanders had to copy/paste his apology. What did he do? He had some comments on protests and the January 6th insurrection. One side he said was riots! The Capitol storming was a ‘dust-up’. Ron Rivera didn’t care. Some players didn’t care. But everyone else sure did enough for the team to make him apologize. (18:55) The FBI did nothing to protect hundreds of gymnasts around the country when Larry Nassar was running wild. These gymnasts have now taken the FBI to court for $1B. What is the FBI doing if not supposed to protect the right people? (28:35) Review: Butter. (32:45) What happened with the Broncos sale? Josh Harris said he would have bought the team for $5B if he knew that Walton group wouldn’t outbid them. Interesting. (38:45) NPPOD. (39:40) Dusty Baker was not happy that Joe Maddon was fired this early in the season. Why are all managers like this? Too soon to fire the manager? No way. 

  • Deshaun Watson's time in the NFL should be over. Will it be?; Joe Maddon fired by Angels, could Mattingly be next? (Episode 611)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘66’ as in 66 massage therapists as in a report came out yesterday that Deshaun Watson used 66 massage therapists in a 17-month window while with the Houston Texans. There have been 24 civil suits against Watson. More details allege that the Texans may have helped set up some of these meetings. The NFL better start doing real work now to figure out what is right. Deshaun Watson’s future in the NFL should very much be in doubt (although it should have been before). (22:55) Review: Unknown. (27:35) Joe Maddon was fired as the manager of the Angels. They had lost 12-straight games. Mike Trout couldn’t get a hit. Shohei Ohtani couldn’t hit. They went from first to 10 games back in the AL West. (35:10) It looks like another manager could be on the hot hot hot seat. Don Mattingly. The Miami Marlins held a 90-minute team meeting before its 12-2 win over the Nationals. The team is underachieving. The team has some issues in the clubhouse. And they cannot blame me anymore! (43:55) NPPOD. (46:00) The Denver Broncos are being sold to Walmart for $4.65B. That’s a nice chunk of change. 

  • Phil Mickelson's 200 million reasons to join LIV Golf; Deshaun Watson finds himself in more trouble; Florida won't fund Rays project (Episode 610)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘54’ as in LIV as in fifty-four as in three days of golf is 54 holes as in LIV Golf is back in the news because Phil Mickelson has entered the arena. He’ll reportedly get $200M for this. By comparison: Tiger Woods has made $120M in his career. This is a LOT of money. Dustin Johnson will reportedly get $120M. Let’s hear what Phil had to say about going LIV Golf. Laughable stuff. (14:30) So You Wanna Talk to Samson!? Someone asked me about Deshaun Watson again. 24th lawsuit popped up. Another woman who says Watson acted inappropriately during a massage. His lawyer had some ridiculous comments during a radio show. (28:50) Review: Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far By Foot (34:00) What’s going on today in Tampa? Well, Governor Ron DeSantis will veto a bill that would help fund Tampa Bay Rays new training facility. Why? Because of some tweets the team made. Someone asked me about dealing with politicians and if something like his ever came up. (45:40) NPPOD. (47:00) Darvin Ham had his introductory press conference with the Lakers yesterday

  • BRUCEEEEEE! Phillies fire Joe Girardi; Mike Trout and the Angels have fallen from heaven; Tampa Bay Rays Pride Night opt out (Episode 609)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘Bruce!” as in Bruce Springsteen as in Coldplay as in last night I went to a concert and Bruce showed up! Couldn’t believe it! (14:35) Welp, Joe Girardi got fired. It happened. I thought the Phillies would wait until after the season, but it happened. The Phillies were a dumpster fire. There was too much money spent in payroll for the Phillies to be as bad as they are. Giardi was in his 3rd year with the team and it just didn’t work out. We all knew this was going to be the case and the players couldn’t take it anymore. (24:45) The Los Angeles Angels stink. They are bad. 11 straight losses. Mike Trout can’t hit. The bullpen can’t get outs. They went from 1 game back all the way to 8.5 games back in 2 weeks. Ohtani can’t hit. He’s been average pitching. Can they turn it around? (29:35) Review: Poisoned - America’s Fentanyl Problem. (36:40) What is going on in Tampa? The Rays hosted a PRIDE night and it didn’t go as planned (or maybe it did). Some players on the team refused to wear the rainbow logo to for PRIDE night. Manager Kevin Cash spoke with he media to address what happened. So did pitcher Jason Adam. And that’s when things took a turn. (47:45) NPPOD.

  • Will Goodell or Snyder show up to court? Soto trades and more! Depp v. Heard comes to end (Episode 608)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘request’ as in please show up as in are you going to come as in Roger Goodell and Dan Snyder were asked to come answer questions by the House Oversight Committee and guess what? Request denied! There is no chance they are coming without a subpoena. None! Will Juan Soto be traded? If you follow nothingpersonal.npds on TikTok you would have known the answer last week! It’s not happening. And now the Nationals GM is on the record saying it won’t. So You Wanna Talk To Samson!? Sometimes we let Coca’s friends ask questions. Today his friend Pasquale sent in a good one. He wants to know when team’s start looking for trades in MLB. He got an email from his team saying it’s half-way to the trade deadline and that got him thinking. Is it too early? Review: Our Father. We need to have another discussion about guns. Sorry. But it needs to happen. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s defamation trial is over. What happened? NPPOD. Dustin Johnson is getting big money from LIV Golf. Will he ever play a PGA Tour event again? 

    (00:00:16) - Word of the Day

    (00:12:10) - Juan Soto

    (00:19:40) - So you want to talk to Samson

    (00:30:15) - Our Father review

    (00:36:00) - Depp/Heard Trial

    (00:42:05) - Pick of the day

  • LIV MAS: Dustin Johnson headlines Saudi-backed golf tour; Deshaun Watson's 23rd accuser comes forward; Rafa Nadal is KING (Episode 607)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘LIV’ as in the nightclub in Miami as in partying the night away as in the LIV Golf that is fully-Saudi backed tour taking place. The list of golfers has been released and Dustin Johnson headlines it! You might remember that Mr DJ Gretzky said in February that he would not be joining this tour… but there he is. Let’s talk about this new golf tour and what the PGA must be thinking. (15:35) Deshaun Watson just had his 23rd woman accuse him of inappropriate behavior. 23. Another massage. Another case. What is going on here? Did the NFL know about this? How is Roger Goodell doing now that his interview with Watson was last week? (26:35) Review: Emergency. (33:40) Rafa Nadal runs clay. He is king. He has 13 career French Open titles. Yesterday he defeated the Joker in the quarterfinals in an epic match. How can one be this dominant? (37:55) NPPOD - The Phillies blew another game last night. Can you believe it? (42:35) Derek Jeter has joined Twitter. Will he join NPDS? (44:40) Exit interviews are always fun. Sometimes athletes say things that they wish they could bring back. Tyler Herro wants to be a starter. And he let that be known. Was it the right thing to say?

  • Gabe Kapler's anthem protest; Phillies are a dumpster fire; Liverpool demands apology from UEFA, France (Episode 606)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘consistency’ as in it’s Memorial Day as in Gabe Kapler put a pause on his protest to come out for the National Anthem just for this holiday. But then he is going to go back inside for the anthem. Gabe Kapler released an emotional letter the days prior as to why he is choosing to stay in the clubhouse when the anthem plays. Kapler doesn’t like what’s going on in the country right now. (14:00) Tommy Pham slapped Joc Pederson over fantasy football. In all my years of baseball I have never seen a story this ridiculous. Pham was suspended for three games. Just ridiculous. (26:20) Review: Ricky Gervais - Super Nature. (31:35) What happened at the Champions League Final this weekend was a disgrace. Liverpool fans were pepper sprayed trying to get into the stadium. Fans were funneled into one entrance. The game was delayed a full 30 minutes. Disgrace. (38:00) NPPOD. (41:25) The Philadelphia Phillies are horrible. They blow saves. They can’t field. 4th highest payroll in baseball. Joe Girardi is still there. What is happening?

  • Yankees and Rays take Twitter action to curb gun violence; Miami Heat take on Marco Rubio; Josh Donaldson's apology (Episode 605)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘action’ as in a call to action as in lights, camera, action as in what is everyone doing? Everyone said now is the time to take action. And then what? What is the action they took? The Yankees and Rays decided their action was to send tweets about gun violence yesterday instead of coverage of the game. Good. That’s a start. Now what? What is Brian Cashman doing? Aaron Judge? Giancarlo Stanton? What is the team doing? Not a social media coordinator. What about the Miami Heat and Marco Rubio? Is anything going to be different this time? (26:40) Review: Top 5 Ray Liotta Movies. (34:40) So You Wanna Talk To Samson!? Someone asked me why Josh Donaldson released an apology. Interesting. (39:50) NPPOD. (42:45) What’s going on with Jon Gruden? He’s taking action against the NFL and he finally had his first day in court. Let’s update. 

  • NPDS Research Project Update; Angels and Commanders stadium deals falling apart; What's happening with the Pro Bowl? (Episode 604)

    An update on Wednesday’s show. We are still looking to hire a researcher for a part-time/one-off project we are working on. Please send your resume to if you are interested. 

    Today’s word of the day is ‘void’ as in the Angels Stadium land deal has been voided because of the owning FBI investigation into corruption of the Anaheim city council. It is a major story involving the Mayor, the Angels, and now Disney. (18:25) So what’s happening in Washington D.C. ? It looks like the Commanders may have met a big snag in their hunt for a new stadium. The Virginia State Senate is now saying they do not support Daniel Snyder at all. (28:45) Review: Survivor Season 42. (34:00) What is going on with the NFL Pro Bowl? Is it still a thing? Will it still be a thing? Why is it a thing?

  • Uvalde, Texas: Another mass shooting. Another school. Another politician tweeting their thoughts and prayers. WE need to do more! (Episode 603)

    We are not just a sports show. We hope you can listen to us when it matters. This is not a political show. This is not a sermon. This is an open and honest conversation about what happened in this country yesterday. What happened 8 days ago. What happened at Sandy Hook and Columbine and Majory Stoneman Douglas and Virginia Tech and every other mass shooting that we may have forgotten. Yesterday 19 children and 2 teachers were murdered by an 18 year old in Uvalde, Texas. This was preventable. This never should have happened. We need to be better. We need to do more. We need our politicians to do more. We are going to do more.

    Nothing Personal will be offering up a position to work on a project for us. Please send your resume to if you are interested. 

  • What is Dan Snyder up to now? Update on Josh Donaldson; Did the Florida Panthers REALLY hit the poles in Tampa? (Episode 602)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘Danny Boy’ as in dan Snyder is back. He never left. But he’s back. What are the Washington Commanders up to now? Well, the NFL reportedly wants him out. Huh? What else could possibly be happening? Now they bought some land outside of D.C. in Virginia. Fans are furious. They want a new stadium, but not there! (13:30) Josh Donaldson has been suspended for one game for calling Tim Anderson ‘Jackie’. He has appealed. Let’s discuss the statement that MLB released. (23:55) Review: On the Count of Three. (26:45) So You Wanna Talk To Samson!? Someone asked me about Mike Clevinger and if the Padres regret trading with Cleveland. (32:55) What happened with the Florida Panthers? Swept by the Tampa Bay Lightning. Woof. A report came out that the Florida Panthers went to a strip club between Games 3 and 4. Hello! (40:40) NPPOD. 

  • My weekend from Hell: Snow storms, flight cancellations, and the Colorado mountains; Should Josh Donaldson be suspended? (Episode 601)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘stranded’ as in stuck as in left as in a snow storm hit Colorado this weekend and I was trapped . Maybe you’ll find this story enjoyable. Maybe you’ll hit the skip button. Who knows!? (27:35) Review: Taking Chance. (30:35) So You Wanna Talk To Samson!? Someone asked me about the comment that Josh Donaldson made to Tim Anderson over the weekend. Yasmani Grandal confronted Donaldson and a tussle ensued. The question asked of me was whether or not I believe that MLB will now suspend Donaldson. (46:55) NPPOD

  • MAILBAG: Dee Gordon's home run for Jose; How ballparks are made; Do people in MLB front offices like me?

    It’s a mailbag! You asked questions and now you’re getting the answers! Go to Apple Podcasts and let a 5-star review with your question! First up, someone asked me about Dee Gordon hit a home run in the first at-bat after Jose Fernandez’s death. This is an emotional one. (18:00) Someone asked me about building Marlins Park. They wanted to know about how the dimensions were chosen. Aaron Judge should like this. (34:20) Someone asked me what the 2nd smartest trait of GM is. You should all know the first trait by now. (39:35) Someone asked me about what my life after MLB is like. They wanted to know what I think the perception of me from people still in baseball is. Interesting. (46:00) Someone asked me who the top 5 funniest people I’ve met in real life are.

  • EPISODE 600! Nick Saban is very mad at Jimbo Fisher; Max Scherzer's injury; Messi to Miami!? DO NOT TRADE WITH THE PADRES!

    Today’s word of the day is ‘600’ as in episode 600 as in there are now 600 numbered episodes of Nothing Personal. Who would have thought that? Thank you all for listening, watching, telling your friends, rating and reviewing. We’re just getting started! (2:20) Nick Saban is not happy with how other programs are addressing NIL. Nick Saban said Alabama players got $3M the right way! Nick Saban said Jimbo Fisher and Texas A&M bought his players the wrong way! I mean… cmon Nick Saban. Be better. (12:30) So You Wanna Talk To Samson!? Someone asked me about Max Scherzer’s injury. He left the game with a side injury. He doesn’t think it’s major. This person wanted to know about MRI machines and if every stadium had one. (23:00) Review: Infinite Storm/Vertical Limit. (28:00) Messi is coming to America! A report came out that Messi will buy 35% of Inter Miami and be a player too. What?! (32:35) Yesterday there was a major announcement in US Soccer. The Men’s and Women’s teams will now receive equal pay. Let’s discuss this historic announcement. (40:00) NPPOD. (42:30) Chris Padddack is out for the year again. He’ll have to undergo Tommy John surgery for the 2nd time. He was traded a month ago from the San Diego Padres to the Minnesota Twins. Another Preller trade.

  • FBI involved in Angels land deal; Athletics prez and Major League the movie; Red Sox Panic Meter; Matt Harvey deserved far worse punishment from MLB (Episode 599)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘wiretap’ as in Watergate as in the FBI as in Anaheim mayor Harry Sidhu was caught on a call allegedly trying to get millions from the Los Angels Angels for its stadium land sale. Uh oh! The sale would be for $320M and Sidhu wanted a piece of this pie. What does this all mean!? (14:11) And just north in Oakland we have the Athletics president talking about the team and relating it to Major League the movie. No fans are going to games. The team wants a new ballpark. Just another Tuesday in MLB. (20:35) What is going on with the Red Sox still? Still losing. Still struggling. Coming off of one of the worst Nathan Eovaldi starts of all time. Allowed 5 home runs in one inning! Can Alex Cora turn this thing around? (30:30) Review: Summer Days, Summer Nights. (34:00) So You Wanna Talk To Samson!? Someone asked me about Matt Harvey’s 60-game suspension for violation the MLB Drug Policy. He was involved in the drug distribution with Tyler Skaggs. Was this enough of a suspension? (43:30) Mets announced an update on Jacob deGrom — and it meant nothing. (46:00) NPPOD

  • Deshaun Watson meeting with Roger Goodell; Nestor Cortes and the dangers of social media; NBA Conference Finals and the lottery! (Episode 598)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘conclusion’ as in the end result as in finished as in Deshaun Watson’s investigation by the NFL is almost done. Watson is meeting with the NFL this week and then Roger Goodell and his expert team will either bring down the hammer or… not. Will this case end like Trevor Bauer’s did? Is the NFL using MLB’s ruling as a case study in what to do here? Will Watson play at all this year? (22:40) So You Wanna Talk To Samson!? Someone asked me about Nestor Cortes and his latest struggles with social media. Some Twitter people went through his old tweets and brought them to light from 10 years ago. Cortes says he’s getting off social media ‘for a few days’. Interesting. (32:40) Review: The Lost City. (36:20) The NBA Conference Finals are here. Miami vs Boston. Golden State vs Dallas. Some superstars, some good role players, some good coaching. Luka. Steph Curry. Jayson Tatum. Jimmy Butler. And an NBA Draft Lottery to boot. (43:40) The Kansas City Royals want a new stadium. The Kansas City Royals want a new hitting coach. The Royal have fired the hitting coach in May. Why?

  • Moment of silence: guns, racism and why more of the same reaction to it all has to stop. Now. (Episode 597)

    Today is a deep episode. It’s not right to start about sports when so much happens outside the sports world that we cannot ignore.

    Today’s word of the day is ‘moment of silence’ as in this weekend showcased exactly where we are as a nation. Six mass shootings over the weekend. Buffalo. Milwaukee. Orange County. Houston. Thoughts and prayers. That’s what all these government officials rush to Twitter to say. We hold a moment of silence before sporting events. But, where is the real action? (19:40) Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas had some comments on the “leak” from the Supreme Court. Let’s discuss this. (29:35) Review: Take Me Out (37:00) Game 7 madness took place this weekend. Bucks got dismantled by the Celtics. Luka Doncic sent the Phoenix Suns to another universe. Hockey delivered though. Overtime thrillers! (41:45) NPPOD - Let’s talk about Albert Pujols. He made his pitching debut! 2nd oldest player to make their pitching debut in MLB. What about the Reds game?! They threw a no-hitter and LOST to the Pirates. What?

  • Samson Sit-Down: Drew Robinson | Alive - Mental Health Advocacy, Suicide Prevention, Inspiration

    It’s another Samson Sit-Down. This time Drew Robinson joins the show. Drew is a former Major League and Minor League baseball player. In April of 2020 he attempted suicide. Today we’ll go through mental health, baseball, strength, courage, and who Drew Robinson is and what he wants from his new life. 

    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


  • Welcome to the Ump Show! MLB has a serious problem that needs to be addressed! Astros owner fires back at Yankees; Kyrie's future in Brooklyn (Episode 596)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘tossed’ as in thrown out as in the Ump Show is here as in Kevin Plawecki and Alex Cora were thrown of last night’s Red Sox game for arguing a bad called strike three. It was a bad pitch. A bad call. And boom! Ump show. This cannot be. (14:00) Jim Crane has fired back at Brian Cashman and the Yankees. Cashman talked about the Astros sign-stealing and Jim Crane wasn’t pleased with the rock throwing. The Yankees cheated, too. (24:50) Review: Minx. (29:30) Let’s talk about Kyrie Irving. Nets GM Sean Marks had his end of season press conference and talked about Kyrie and his deal. Kyrie has a player option for next year and then nothing. Will the Nets offer him long term? (38:00) NPPOD - Giannis’ Greatness. (41:10) Today is the day! NFL schedule release day! Are you throwing a party? Are you ready for some football!?

  • Reid Detmers threw a no hitter for the Angels!? WHO!? Tom Brady is getting paid HOW MUCH MONEY by Fox!? (Episode 595)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘no no’ as in no hits allowed as in the Los Angeles Angels have thrown a no hitter. Reid Detmers threw it. A rookie. He’s the youngest to do so since 2006. Mike Trout is hitting bombs. Shohei Ohtani is finding his groove. The Angels might be good! But is this more about baseball hitters not being good at making contact? (10:45) Tom Brady is headed to Fox Sports after his playing career as the lead analyst. That’s a huge get for Fox. The bigger story is the reported salary. 10 years for $375M! What!? (25:55) Review: The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe. (30:15) NPPOD - The Sixers stink. They do. What a terrible game against Miami. Embiid was bad. Doc Rivers has lost it. (37:55) Senne v. MLB has settled. This is major news. Let me explain what this lawsuit by minor leaguers against MLB is all about. (43:35) The Saudi Golf Tour brought to you by Greg Norman is putting serious money into the tour. Yesterday it was announced $2B in funding. $25M pools for the tournaments. PGA said if you join you are done with us. Will players still go?

  • American expansion: MLB and NFL race for Europe, NBA wants more teams, WNBA wants more teams, Formula 1 wants USA (Episode 594)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘expansion’ as in international as in trying to grow as in more and more and more and more! That’s what sports leagues are doing now. The NFL is playing games in London AND Germany this year. MLB may play a series in Paris and the have games for London. The WNBA wants two more teams. The NBA wants more teams! The NBA even announced preseason games in Abu Dhabi! F1 is expanded to the US. The sports takeover continues! (19:15) It’s already May 10th. 40 games in. 25% of the season done. Is it time to hit the panic button for some teams yet? The Tigers? The Red Sox? The Rangers? The Phillies? What about the teams off to great starts like the Dodgers, Angels, Yankees, and Mets? (34:30) Review: Bad Vegan. (41:55) NPPOD. (44:00) Let’s talk about parenting really quick. A story came out about parents making their children run marathons. No. Absolutely not.

  • NBA Playoffs: Fan harassment, dirty fouls, bad officiating; F1 Miami; MLB balls and bad umps (Episode 593)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘harassed’ as in harassment as in taking heckling too far as in Chris Paul cam out with a tweet after the Suns loss to the Mavericks and said some things. People responded saying ‘no way is it true! I need video to believe it!’ But then the Mavericks came out with a statement saying a fan was indeed removed for harassing Chris Paul’s mother and wife! It was a younger fan, but he should have known better. (10:10) Ja Morant is doubtful to play tonight. He had his knee pulled in the Warriors game and had to be helped off the court. Was it dirty? Does the NBA have a problem? There is an issue in these NBA playoffs. Whether it’s fouls or officiating or fans or tough play… (18:50) F1 Miami happened. The Miami Grand Prix. We are a formula 1 podcast now. Was it a big success? Is an American takeover happening? (26:30) Review: Winning Time. (30:00) The Kentucky Derby happened. Did you watch? One of the biggest upsets ever happened. At 80-1 Rich Strike stormed from the pack and won it all. (32:50) NPPOD. (38:35) You remember the umpire who pulled the ump show on Madison Bumgarner? He said sorry. Big whoop! (42:00) Let’s talk about the balls again. MLB balls are back. Are the balls juiced? Are the balls dead? What’s with the balls?

  • Are the Cincinnati Reds historically bad or just very bad? Mets-Phillies 9th inning showdown; F1 takes over Miami... Gardens! (Episode 592)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘abandoned’ as in abandoned our commitment to winning as in remember when Phil Castellini told Cincinnati fans he was going to move the team and the fans need to be better and all that nonsense. The Reds are 3-22 through 25 games. Just bad. As bad as you can get. Is it tanking? Is it payroll manipulation? How did we get here? (14:20) The New York Mets came back from 6 runs down in the top of the 9th inning to beat the Philadelphia Phillies. The Mets scored 7 runs! It was hit after hit after hit after hit! How is a collapse like this handled after the game? How warm is Girardi’s hot seat? (25:15) Review: Ambulance. (28:30) So You Wanna Talk To Samson!? Someone asked me about Formula 1 in Miami this weekend. It’s here. The craze has taken South Beach. (39:45) NPPOD. (43:30) Sergio Garcia was on a hot mic and was furious with a PGA official. He said he was done with the Tour. He’s had enough. But not enough money because the Saudi-backed tour is in his sights. Ha.

  • Madison Bumgarner ejected because MLB umpires want to steal the show; Ben Simmons bad back; Abramovich wants his Chelsea billions back (Episode 591)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘manicure’ as in getting your nails did as in Would You Like French Tips as in did MLB umpire Ryan Wills check Madison Bumgarner’s finger to see where he got his nails done? Nope. Wills was checking Bumgarner for foreign substances. But, the problem was he was staring directly at Bumgarner’s face. It was a complete ump show. A joke. And the umpire tossed Bumgarner for getting mad. What? (10:25) Ben Simmons is going to have surgery on his back. He didn’t play a game all season. He was rumored to play in Game 4 of the Nets getting swept by the Celtics. What went into all this? Why wait this long? (16:50) Review: Hand of God. Diego Maradona’s jersey from that game was sold as the most expensive jersey ever sold. Now the controversy starts as Maradona’s daughter says it’s the wrong one! The auction house says it’s the right one! (26:15) What is happening with the sale of Chelsea? Roman Abramovich is trying to sell the team. He’s had all his assets frozen. Now he’s changed his mind about that details of the sale. Dodgers owner Todd Boehly wants the team. Let’s dissect. (33:00) NPPOD. (38:45) So You Wanna Talk to Samson!? Let’s talk quickly about Dave Chappelle and the incident at the Hollywood Bowl. Now let’s talk about travel. The NFL is heading overseas. Someone asked me about how travel for these is schedule and set up.

  • College sports need a salary cap! Ryan Tannehill comments on depression and NOT being a mentor; Shad Khan sounds off on Urban Meyer (Episode 590)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘deep scar’ as in Ryan Tannehill opened up to the media yesterday about losing. We never really care about the losers, do we? But, Tannehill spoke about needing therapy after the Titans playoff loss to the Bengals. He was having nightmares. Spoke about the deep scars. What about being a mentor to Malik Willis? Tannehill said it wasn’t his job. Interesting. (15:55) Jaguars owner Shad Khan sounded off on Urban Meyer. He was fired in his first season by Khan. Absolute dumpster fire. So what did Khan have to say? (23:50) The NCAA is becoming a full blown public pay for play scheme. Players making millions. Players leaving schools for more money. Transfers. Tampering. No guidelines. No rules. Is this right? (37:25) Review: The Outfit. (41:35) NPPOD. Let’s talk about the NBA playoff. They have been PHYSICAL. Two games of Warriors-Grizzlies and two ejections already. 

  • Supreme Court leaks: Future of Roe v. Wade; NFL concludes investigation into Hue Jackson allegations; Hopkins/Cano steroid use (Episode 589)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘overruled’ as in a leak came from the Supreme Court last night of a 98-page opinion was leaked to Politico. This concerns Roe v. Wade from in 1973 that protects a pregnant woman's liberty to choose to have an abortion without excessive government restriction. Let’s break this down. From the news to the leak to what happens next. It’s going to be another left vs right political battle — and one inside the Supreme Court itself. (27:20) Review: 7 Days. (30:00) The NFL said it could not find anything into the investigation of the Cleveland Browns from Hue Jackson’s allegations. (36:55) NPPOD. (38:30) Let’s talk about steroids. Robinson Cano got DFA’d by the Mets. The team will eat close to $40M because of this decision. Deandre Hopkins of the Arizona Cardinals is suspended 6 games this year for a failed drug test. Hopkins won’t own up to it. Why are we still doing this?

  • Trevor Bauer gets two-year suspension: Was this fair punishment by Rob Manfred and MLB? (Episode 588)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘judgment day’ as in Trevor Bauer has been suspended for two years by Major League Baseball. 234 games. He’s been on Administrative Leave since July 2, 2021. This is the longest ever suspension under MLB’s joint domestic violence policy. How did Rob Manfred get here? What does this mean for Trevor Bauer’s future in MLB. (29:00) Review: Ozark. (35:35) Joel Embiid broke his orbital bone and was concussed in the Sixers close out game against the Raptors. He will not play in Game 1 or 2 against the Miami Heat. Doc Rivers excuse for keeping Embiid in the game… cmon, man! (44:40) NPPOD. 

  • NFL Draft Update: Wide Receivers cash in! EVERYONE says the Jets and Giants the WINNERS! Congrats, Miami... you have a soccer stadium (Episode 587)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘handshake’ as in Roger Goodell calls your name and you come up to the stage and you shake Roger’s hand or you do a little dance or you hug him - very odd. What did we see in the draft? Everyone loves the Giants and Jets draft! I’ve seen them get an A! Wow! Daniel Jones is not getting his option picked up. Sorry. The New York Giants are drafting well. They have a new front office. Making new decisions. Wide Receiver market has been crazy! What is happening? AJ Brown traded to the Eagles. Six wide receivers drafted in the first round. Hollywood Brown being traded to the Cardinals. Copycat league! But Aaron Rodgers says, hey, don’t worry - we’ll be fine! (15:50) Ronald Acuna is back for the Atlanta Braves. He tore his ACL in July 2021. He was supposed to come back in May, but he’s back a week early. Let’s talk about rehab and the decisions to bring him up. (25:15) Review: White Hot - The Rise and Fall of Abercrombie & Fitch. (30:00) NIL money is out of control. Not that we have ANYTHING against players getting paid. Get your money! But this feels different. A Miami Hurricanes basketball player said if he doesn’t get more NIL money, he’s leaving Miami. The face of NIL funding for Miami is a South Beach billionaire and he is not happy. (35:20) NPPOD. (40:55) Inter Miami has a new stadium deal. People wanted to know my thoughts on it because of the Billy Corben mini-doc. Let me explain where I stand.

  • NFL Draft Day! Panther owner wants you to believe in his 5-year plan! Doc Rivers is FURIOUS with everyone! (Episode 586)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘Draft Day’ as in the NFL Draft is here as in the greatest day in sports (or so we’ve heard). Did you do your mock draft? Does your team make all the right picks and your rival make all the wrong ones? Are you already mad at your team for passing on your preferred pick? Let’s talk about what happens today. The rumors and whispers, the slipping down the board, the trades, and all! Carolina Panthers GM spoke about talk to Sam Darnold about potentially taking a QB. Panthers owner David Tepper says he can see the vision! Winning is on the horizon! It’s a five year plan! (13:50) So You Wanna Talk To Samson!? Someone asked me how I would feel if I was Daryl Morey and Doc Rivers said what he said during an interview at practice. Doc was not happy with people saying his teams collapse in the playoffs. (24:30) Review: Nitram. (31:40) The Oakland Athletics team president has lost his mind. What is going on with this team? Let me explain what happened on Twitter. (40:25) NPPOD. (41:35) Olivia Wilde had a wild day. She was reportedly served custody papers on stage at an event. Okay.

  • MLB Pitchers are MAD: Will MLB change the baseball? Yankees Letter is out... Did we learn anything new? No! EVERY. TEAM. CHEATS! (Episode 585)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘grip’ as in get a grip as in I can’t grip the ball as in Spider Tack as in pitchers are pissed about the new ball. Hitters are frustrated about the new ball. The Mets lead the leagues in HBP with 18 and Pete Alonso has been hit in the head twice. Mets pitcher Chris Bassitt went off last night after the Mets win talking about how bad the ball is and why MLB won’t do anything about it. (11:00) The Yankees Letter was released and it was a whole lot of nothing. Everything we already knew was in there. Nothing new. Every. Team. Cheats! That’s baseball! (21:30) Review: Metal Lords. (26:50) Someone asked me about the Supreme Court case involving a football coach who got in trouble for praying after every game. Why did this go all the way to the Supreme Court? Let me explain! (38:35) NPPOD. (40:55) Jerry West v. HBO is the biggest battle in Hollywood right now. Jerry West is furious about his portrayal in Winning Time. He’s so mad he wants the case to go all the way to the Supreme Court. Hello!

  • Brookyln's dysfunction highlighted by Kyrie and Kevin Durant's failure; Elon Musk's Twitter takeover; MLB's Angel Hernandez problem (Episode 584)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘sweep’ as in get the brooms as in 0 wins as in 4 losses as in the Brooklyn Nets have gotten swept by the Boston Celtics. Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Steve Nash, no Ben Simmons… see ya! Half season Kyrie Irving. Bad back Ben Simmons. Steve Nash sleep walking on the sidelines. The Boston Celtics were the better TEAM. Complete team. Jayson Tatum was the best player on the floor each night. Ime Udoka coached circles around Steve Nash. Just, wow! (16:10) Elon Musk is buying Twitter for $44B. Forty-four billion dollars. What does the future of Twitter look like? Why would he do this? Why overpay for this? (31:30) Review: Friday. (35:30) Angel Hernandez is bad at his job. He is the worst of the worst of umpires in MLB. Why can’t the league fire him? Every player of past and present would probably want it done. (45:55) Michael Conforto signed on with Scott Boras this offseason. Michael Conforto turned down a qualifying offer from the Mets. No one signed him. Now he’s getting surgery and will miss the season. Horrible. 

  • MLB season is flying by! Will any other player join Miguel Cabrera in the 3K hit club? Timberwolves protester and Yankees fan behavior (Episode 583)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘10%’ as in a tenth as in 16.2 as in the MLB season is already ten percent through. Remember when everyone though there wouldn’t be baseball this year and here we go. Let’s talk about what we’ve been seeing so far. Injuries. Less runs. Surprises. Disappointments. Poor attendance. Streaming wars. (18:00) Miguel Cabrera is now Mr. 3000. It finally happened on Saturday. Will anyone else join Cabrera soon? Maybe in 10 year? 15 years? Who has the best chance? Machado? Soto? Trout? (28:00) Review: The Batman (31:40) So You Wanna Talk to Samson!? Someone asked me about the craziness of fans lately. The Timberwolves have now had 3 different people try and protest during a game. The latest one was tackled by security on the court. The Reds made fans take paper bags off their heads. The Yankees fans threw bottles and debris at the Guardians players. What is going on?